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what I can make for you

please see the commission guidelines before sending an email inquiry.


sketch [digital]


a digital sketch will entail a traditional pencil drawing look. there are no colors in this one, just a portrait of your choice with light, simple shading.

additional 'characters' at +$10 each.

real people, OCs and fan works 

flat color [digital]


flat color entails the line art as well as some color. this will include skin tone, clothing color and some basic color shading of your choice. can be monotone or realistic.

additional characters at +$15 each

real people, OCs and fan works 


full color [digital]


full color will include the line art and the base colors like the previous level; however, details will be rendered. detail (like accessories, simple backgrounds) to a certain degree is included.

additional characters at +$20 each

real people, OCs and fan works

full detail + color [digital]


this commission style includes it all: full color, line art, and detail. please note that the price is a base guideline for this one. the more detailed and complicated the commission, the higher the price. most kinds of art will fall under the previous category, unless specified by myself (or if you're feeling shmancy, i suppose)

additional 'characters' at +$30~

real people, OCs and fan works

Trueform Angel
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