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I would love to make something for you. Please read the following guidelines and then feel free to send in an inquiry.

Don't worry! I don't bite.


I specialize in portraits, as such I am very comfortable drawing people, including:

-fictional characters

- original characters


-friends and family

-human-like beings


I generally work on commissions in the order they are received. I have a five day work week outside of my commissions, so commissions are done as soon as humanly possible. I keep an open line of communication with every client via email. Before the finished product is turned over I check in to make sure there are no changes the client wants to make.


The following is a short list of things that I will not draw as the focus of an art piece:

-mechanical oriented art (ie: cars)



You will receive a digital file of your commission upon completion via email. Typically, I will send them in a PDF and PNG format, but can send them in other ways. I work with rather big files, so the standard size of your finished commission will be around 18x24 inches at 300ppi.



Of course, there are always exceptions. I would like to grow as an artist, and that means drawing things outside my comfort zone. So, as long as it's not the entirety of the piece, I am open to 'off the menu' requests.


In an act of good faith, the entire payment happens once you are satisfied with the product. Once payment goes through on either PayPal or Venmo, you will be sent the official file free of watermarks except for my signature. Then it belongs to you! You can request a print sent directly to you at an additional charge, or may find ways to print your file on your own. Tips are, of course, much appreciated. :)


Questions about the process? Send them here!

For official commission inquiries, please send an email to, with the following information:

subject of the piece, color scheme, reference photos*, commission style, deadline*, important details

*if required/necessary

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Thanks for submitting!
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